About Our Virtual Art Show, "Art & Mind"

The Art & Mind logo, which is white with black outline text, is shown. The Art & Mind logo name is surrounded by green intertwining vines.

“Art & Mind” focuses on advocacy, storytelling, and creativity, making a multi-faceted disability-accessible project highlighting marginalized women/femmes (WOC, LGBT+, disabled folks, etc). Sista Creatives Rising is an expansion of our "Art & Mind" concept. This concept has a focus on using virtual platforms because many disabled people are homebound or experience agoraphobia. We hope to create a physical, but accessible space in the future.

Each artist is carefully selected through a scouting process. These potential participants are then carefully curated and narrowed down to 8 - 10 artists.


Our first show in 2021, “Reflections of Women, Femmes and Our Mental Health During COVID” focused on how women and femmes have faced severe hardship and discrimination during the pandemic. 

Through GiveButter.Com, we raised $750 for Boston based activist-focused non-profit, Brain Arts Org, which supports marginalized local artists.



Our goal is to provide a platform for creative women/femmes struggling with marginilization who are triumphant. We want to see art and creative pieces highlighting your experiences, or a woman/femme whose experiences have inspired you.

We feature stories highlighting the disparities women/femmes face from all walks of life while uplifting other women/femmes, giving them hope. In turn, we hope these stories will encourage women/femmes to take the next step forward to take charge in their lives, stand up for others who are struggling, and advocate for change.

How can your story positively impact others?

"Pursuit of Promise" By Linlin Yu @ly.linlinyu
"Off The Market" By Nabila Nugroho @MaquireMQR
"Sleepless Nights" By Justice Edens @_Swesters_
"MASK 2 MEMORIES OF TRAUMA" By Amaranthia Sepia @emobunnycomic
"WOMEN POWER IN COVID19" By Nabila Nugroho

"Art & Mind" 2021 Posters

Designed by Amaranthia Sepia


"Art & Mind" 2021 Videos

Trailer, Documentary,"The Future of Art & Mind" And Our Reception.