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What is "Emo Bunny: Anxiety Monster"?

Sepia's fascination with comics and manga while living in Tokyo led to "Emo Bunny," a project based on her experience with GAD and C-PTSD.  "Emo Bunny" is used as art therapy. It helps get her out into the world and advocate for those struggling with racial trauma and mental illness. Sarah, nicknamed "Emo Bunny," is a bunny girl who suffers from panic attacks. Her emotional support cat, Serenity, comforts her, helping her overcome her struggle with anxiety and depression. Her anxiety is personified as a monster whose power increases as she becomes more stressed. The monster changes form depending on the type of anxiety she's experiencing (social anxiety, panic attack, anxiety attack, etc.) Sepia's goal with "Emo Bunny" is to highlight the struggle of having an anxiety disorder and the benefits of Emotional Support Animals.

In 2019 "Emo Bunny: Anxiety Monster" was featured as an online solo art show on Squidink Art Gallery. The show featured in Concord Monitor, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, MissHeardMedia, Concord Insider, and VLACS Newsletter. “Emo Bunny” was also featured in Boston Compass Newspaper (a part of Brain Arts Org), The Painted Brain’s 2021 disability art show “Discovering A Place For Us,” and “Art & Mind” 2021.

Amaranthia's Activist Artworks: Text
"Hidden Demons of Anxiety: Mask 1 - Distraught"
"Curls and Curves"
"Curls and Curves Series - PROTECT BLACK WOMEN"
"Subjugated - Surviving In Isolation: The Black Mental Health Experience"
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Amaranthia's Activist Artworks: Text
"Curls and Curves"a digital painting. Three voluptuous Black women with thick natural hair.


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