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"Get Ahead of Life Before Life Gets Ahead of You!"

Claire Jones - Buddhist, Proud Mother, Black Disabled Barbadian, Paralysis, Lymphoma & Childhood Domestic Violence Survivor

Virtual Public Speaker

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A photo of Claire outdoors with bright green leaves behind her. She is holding a red and yellow sunflowers.

Claire Jones is a Black disabled domestic violence and lymphoma survivor, smoldering multiple myeloma patient, Buddhist, Frances Perkins Scholar, and Mount Holyoke graduate.  In 2020, she spoke virtually to domestic violence activists at YWCA Central MA. In early 2023, she spoke at the Voices of Women International Women's Day Summit. In August 2023, she presented her first workshop, "A 50% Chance of Paralysis: How I Utilized Journaling As Self-Reflection During Cancer Treatment." In February 2024, Claire and her daughter, Amaranthia Sepia, were virtual panelists in "Unmasking Grief: Writers Confront the Illusion of Post-Pandemic Recovery," hosted by the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference (AWP). 

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Mission Statement

To help marginalized women activate their light, in the middle of chaos, by recognizing the causes & effects of intergenerational trauma
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Documentary: "A 50% Chance of Paralysis: Get Ahead of Life Before Life Get's Ahead of You"