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Sunflower field artwork by Amaranthia Sepia

Art & Mind - A FREE Virtual Charitable Film & Art Event For Marginalized Women & Marginalized Genders

Through documentaries, short films, 3D virtual galleries via Kunstmatrix and speaking engagements by mental health professionals and disability activists, Art & Mind highlights the  beautiful creations of marginalized women and marginalized genders  (WOC, LGBT+, disabled folks, etc.)."Art & Mind" uses our virtual platform to enable people who are homebound, disabled, or agoraphobic to participate in our programming.  The event focuses on storytelling and creativity through awareness, education, and inclusivity. We are using this platform to create the Sistas Uprising Fund, where 100% of proceeds raised alongside these events from 2023 onward will become grants for marginalized creatives.

Our Impact

Brain Arts Logo. Comic style drawing of a pink brain with legs. The right leg is resting on a spray can.

Sept 2021

"Art & Mind: Reflections of Women, Femmes & Our Mental Health During COVID," $750 Fundraised to Support Brain Arts Org which supports marginalized creatives in Boston, MA.

Dancing Queerly Boston Logo

Winter & Spring 2023

$2,500 Provided by Dancing Queerly Boston, an org supporting queer & other marginalized artists. Funds were utilized for our team, speakers and film equipment/props

Brain Arts Logo. Comic style drawing of a pink brain with legs. The right leg is resting on a spray can.

July 2023

$1000 provided by Brain Arts Org to pay five Art & Mind 2023 artists $200 each 

Mass Cultural Council Logo

Fall 2023

$2,500 from the Mass Cultural Council FY24 grant to support our team, speakers & equipment purchases

The Sistas Uprising Fund Logo. Shows brown hands holding a watering can pouring rainbow water on sprouted lotus seeds.

Oct 2023

$1453 fundraised at "Art & Mind 2023: I Know Who I Am! Journeys of Women of Color & Femme-Expressing Creatives," for The Sistas Uprising Fund. Our goal was $1000

Pink, red and blue watercolor background by Amaranthia Sepia
Art & Mind 2021: Reflections of Women, Femmes & Our Mental Health During COVID

Our first show in 2021, “Reflections of Women, Femmes and Our Mental Health During COVID” focused on the stories of eight women-identifying creatives and showcased femme disability speaker Roxy Murray, and trans-femme musician Mya Byrne. Our documentary discussed how each artist faced severe hardship and discrimination during the pandemic.

Art & Mind 2021 Poster. Shows three women, one black, one brown and one light-skinned in the lotus pose.
Sunflower field artwork by Amaranthia Sepia
Art & Mind 2023: I Know Who I am! Journeys of Women of Color & Femme-Expressing Creatives

Our second show, "I Know Who I Am!" occurred October 5th 2023. This event, inspired by co-founder Claire Jones' 2022 journey through diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and near paralysis, was our first event where we gained grants and sponsorships. Five artists from the U.S and Canada premiered in a 27 minute documentary, with a goal of highlighting women of color & femme-expressing creatives of color who've found solace & healing through art. In addition, with the help of our first Art Direction Team, we created a documentary about Claire's cancer journey titled, "A 50% Chance of Paralysis: Get Ahead of Life Before Life Gets Ahead of You!"

"Art & Mind Featured Videos

"Art & Mind" Women and Femmes Virtual Art Show: Text
"Art & Mind" Women and Femmes Virtual Art Show: Video Player

Our Mental Health Impact - Highlighting Therapists & Activists Speakers

Since 2021 we've collaborated with therapists/social workers and disability activists who are experts on social issues marginalized women & marginalized genders face. Each event, we collaborate with these speakers to answer questions at our events. We also collaborate with them and our team members to develop a free mental health resource document for our audience. 

"Art & Mind" Women and Femmes Virtual Art Show: Text

Accessibility Statement

With knowledge gained from the disability community, COVID conscious community, lived experience and guidance from disability-focused residency Socially Distant Art, Art & Mind shows incorporate several aspects of virtual accessibility.  Amaranthia joined the Socially Distant Art cohort in August 2022. 

Our team, which changes per event, accomplish tasks such as content warnings, open captioning, closed captioning, auto captioning, and tech assistance during the Zoom reception. Shows from 2023 forward include live ASL interpretation. All speakers will Self-ID before presenting. This is also included in our documentaries. Artist videos contain artwork descriptions as well.

All gallery works via Kunstmatrix are accompanied with image descriptions and video descriptions.

A pattern design showcasing vector art of disabled folks doing regular activities with their friends and family. Some poeple are in wheelchairs, playing with their kids while using objects of accessibility such as walking devices, etc. The colors are vibrant.
Artwork of sunflower women worshipping the sun by Amaranthia Sepia


Blue Skies


Absolutely inspiring evening! Thank you all! is a real community that you’re building and it’s exciting to be part of it and see it grow so organically.Really cool to see the spectrum of struggles among our marginalized friends so I think continuing to be inclusive of artists with different disabilities which is already your thing!!! Love you two!

Photo of Sam Potrykus, a middle aged white man with long brown hair. Co-Founder of Brain Arts Org

Sam Potrykus - Co-Founder of Brain Arts Org, Art & Mind Sponsor

"Curls and Curves"a digital painting. Three voluptuous Black women with thick natural hair.


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