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A digital drawing of two large pink lotuses mirroring each other. The background has rolling green fields, two waterfalls mirroring each other, and a large rainbow at the very top of the image. Surrounding the lotuses are smaller lotuses and lily pads. Art by Amaranthia Sepia

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Including our virtual gallery and documentary, accompanied by original graphics by Amaranthia Sepia

dotted background with green dots fading downward into yellowish-orange hued dots. By Amaranthia Sepia

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How Will I Use The Funds?

Nastassja Swift


I typically rely on sales in November and December to keep me afloat during the slow months of January and February. Unfortunately, my 2023 didn't end as expected and I experienced a drop in income that has caused a bit of a domino effect within my ability to pay all my expenses. By the time March came around, I was 3 months late on my mortgage, 2 months late on my car payment, and behind on all utilities (gas, electric, and water). Asking for help was scary because it meant sharing that I let myself get here.

Support from The Sistas Uprising Fund (is) monumental in helping me bring all my expenses current.

Nastassja is a Black woman with long dark brown braids pulled up in a ponytail and wooden beads on the ends. Her skin is dark brown, and face slightly turned to the right as she looks directly at the camera with a close lipped smile. She is wearing a white knitted top and surrounded by white wool sculptures of faces.
Abstract Digital Painting of a Sunset with mountains, pine trees and a river by Amaranthia Sepia

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A Thank You Note

Creating "The Sistas Uprising Fund" has been a long-time dream since Claire was diagnosed with the marker for the rare blood cancer, multiple myeloma, in 2015. As you'll see at the bottom of "The Sistas Uprising Fund" page, Claire determined from a young age to create this fund because of her and her Mom, who had to fight to survive domestic violence. After Claire's diagnosis, she redetermined to create this fund to support marginalized creatives, focused initially on women survivors of trauma. Thank you for making this dream a reality and helping us expand our reach to marginalized artists. We cannot wait for the next run in Spring 2026!

"Curls and Curves"a digital painting. Three voluptuous Black women with thick natural hair.


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