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A black and white photo of Elaine Gittens from the late 1960s. A young Black Barbadian Woman wearing a dashiki. She has a big smile with a large afro. She is standing to the side and her hands are on her hips. Behind her is a intricate pattern with stripes.
In Loving Memory of Claire's Mother, Elaine Gittens
Rest in Peace
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The Sistas Uprising Fund

Developing Microgrants For Marginalized Artists
Graphics by Amaranthia Sepia

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Digital Painting by Amaranthia Sepia depicting a watercolor style forest reaching high into the sky. The trees are lush with green leaves and the sun shines down brightly through the middle.
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"The Sistas Uprising Fund" is a charity project to help marginalized women & marginalized genders gain financial support through microgrants. These microgrants aid these underrepresented creatives who’ve gone through immense hardship, ensuring they can continue their passion and build upon their dreams. The theme of our open calls depends on the theme of our "Art & Mind" Virtual Film Events. Initially, our first Art & Mind event in 2021 fundraised $751 for Brain Arts Org. This Boston organization uplifts “grassroots organizations and undervalued communities* by developing and implementing equitable models of engagement within the arts & culture sector.”

As Sista Creatives Rising started to develop shortly after, we brainstormed on how we could fundraise for other groups. Once Art & Mind 2023, “I Know Who I Am! Journeys of Women of Color & Femme-Expressing Creatives,” came to fruition, we decided it was time to create our fund. 

In 2023 We Distributed five $200 microgrants to our Art & Mind 2023 Documentary Artists, thanks to Brain Arts Org. This was the start of the fund. 

Digital Art by Amaranthia Sepia. A Depiction of a black, white and turquoise koi fish and a white, red and black koi swimming in an abstractly drawn body of water. they are surrounded by water lillies.

At our Art & Mind event in 2023, through, we raised $1453/$1000, allowing us to distribute seven grants for women of color and femme-expressing creatives of color. An eighth grant was provided by For All Things Digital. The remaining $53 was used to cover fees during distribution.

A Note from our Eighth Grant Sponsor, Adebukola Ajao, Founder of For All Things Digital!

As a small business advocate, creative entrepreneur, and educator, I'm passionate about initiatives that funds others to achieve their goals. Sista Creatives Rising perfectly aligns with my vision for collective funding and mutual aid. I'm honored to contribute to artists, especially Black artists who face significant barriers when trying to access funding.

Black artists receive only a fraction of the funding available to artists. Sista Creative Rising is making a difference by providing accessible resources and funding opportunities, SCR is helping to level the playing field for Black creatives. I'm proud to support SCR and its mission to empower Black artists and cultivate a more vibrant and equitable creative community.

A Note From Claire

When I was growing up under domestic violence, I promised to one day help my mother free from her sufferings by becoming a well-known writer.


I have yet to accomplish that goal, and my mother has transitioned. However, I have my daughter, and together, under SCR, we are working to help marginalized creatives gain accessibility and visibility through the arts to facilitate personal healing.


The Sistas Uprising Fund is another way to help marginalized creatives who need help during difficult times, even as they try to create. Initially called The Sista Survivor’s Fund, the fund was inspired by those like me who’ve survived domestic violence, but we decided the current name suited our vision better. I was unable to help my mother as I dreamed while growing up, but I truly hope she sees my efforts from the ether.

Claire sitting on a brown bench with her cane and large multi-colored funky sunglasses. She has her right hand resting on her right cheek. She is wearing a floral kimono cardigan and white halter jumpsuit. Surrounding Claire is grass and mulch, and one small bush.
Digital art by Amaranthia Sepia. A drawing of twin waterfalls surrounded by lilies and birght pink lotuses. A rainbow forming a heart-like shape is at the top.
Our Definition of "Femme-Expressing"

We define "femme-expressing" as anyone, regardless of gender identity (man, woman, non-binary, etc.), who leans towards a femme-expression. We’ve showcased creatives who define themselves as non-binary femme, trans-femme etc.


In summary we go by this definition referencing the article, “Women & Femmes Unite!” by Blu Buchanan:​


*Femme is a term used in LGBTQ+ circles that describes one’s gender expression. It further explains how a person exists in society, such as a non-binary femme or trans-femme. ‘Woman’ describes gender identity, where ‘femme’ is a gender expression.

Anyone who identifies as a woman, regardless of gender expression, is eligible! And anyone is self defines as 'femme' but might not necessarily identify as a 'woman' is also welcome!

"Curls and Curves"a digital painting. Three voluptuous Black women with thick natural hair.


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