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The Sistas Uprising Fund

Developing Grants For Marginalized Artists

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"The Sistas Uprising Fund" is a charity project to help marginalized artists, primarily focusing on supporting marginalized women and femme-expressing creatives this year. Initially, our first Art & Mind event in 2021 fundraised $751 for Brain Arts Org. This Boston organization uplifts “grassroots organizations and undervalued communities* by developing and implementing equitable models of engagement within the arts & culture sector.”

As Sista Creatives Rising started to develop shortly after, we brainstormed on how we could fundraise for other groups. Once Art & Mind 2023, “I Know Who I Am! Journeys of Women of Color & Femme-Expressing Creatives,” came to fruition, we decided it was time to create our fund. The goal will adjust depending on the theme of Art & Mind.

2023 Goal

This year, The Sistas Uprising Fund’s goal is based on the Art & Mind 2023 initiative. We are raising $1000 via which we are utilizing for Art & Mind 2023 free tickets, to develop grants for women of color and femme-expressing creatives of color.

100% of proceeds will become grants for these artists. We plan to give $200 to five artists.


Folks can choose to donate, get a free ticket, or both! We hope to reach $1000 by the end of our Art & Mind virtual event on October 5th from 6:30 -8:30 PM!

watercolor painting with pink lotus and shades of green. from Canva

Our Impact

With the help of Brain Arts, we were able to start the first iteration of this fund earlier this year due to their donation of $ 1,000. All five chosen artists from our Art & Mind 2023 are receiving $200 each!

Submission Expectations

Artists (national & international) will be expected to submit, via Jotform, a 1-2 minute video describing how this grant will help them, whether the funds will support their art directly or if it will help ease some unexpected stressors such as bills, medication costs, food costs, etc. that will allow them to continue to develop their artwork. NO NFT OR AI ARTWORKS.


Artists must submit sample artworks, portfolios, social media profiles, a photo of themselves, and any additional images, such as a photo of a bill (be sure to censor sensitive info such as your address) that will explain how the funds will help.


Artists will also be expected to fill out prompts related to accessibility, such as writing alt text or image descriptions.

A Note From Claire

When I was growing up under domestic violence, I promised to one day help my mother free from her sufferings by becoming a well-known writer.


I have yet to accomplish that goal, and my mother has transitioned. However, I have my daughter, and together, under SCR, we are working to help marginalized creatives gain accessibility and visibility through the arts to facilitate personal healing.


The Sistas Uprising Fund is another way to help marginalized creatives who need help during difficult times, even as they try to create. Initially called The Sista Survivor’s Fund, the fund was inspired by those like me who’ve survived domestic violence, but we decided the current name suited our vision better. I was unable to help my mother as I dreamed while growing up, but I truly hope she sees my efforts from the ether.

Claire sitting on a brown bench with her cane and large multi-colored funky sunglasses. She has her right hand resting on her right cheek. She is wearing a floral kimono cardigan and white halter jumpsuit. Surrounding Claire is grass and mulch, and one small bush.
dark blue watercolor pond with green lily pads & white & one orange koi fish. from Canva

Applications Open January 2024

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Home: About
"Curls and Curves"a digital painting. Three voluptuous Black women with thick natural hair.


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