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Share your experience with COVID-19 as a Black COVID Cautious Person with NAACP Seacoast (

Black & Still COVIDing Stories


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As part of our work for Sista Creatives Rising, we advocate for virtual and hybrid spaces for disabled, chronically ill/immunocompromised people, along with people who aren't disabled but want to stay safe. We are disabled and immunocompromised ourselves. As a result, we are still masking, and "Still COVIDing." With mask mandates fading,  especially in healthcare,  many of us are restricted to our homes. Since Black people are disproportionately affected by COVID, we're looking for Black people to share their stories. The slideshow containing these stories, titled "Black And Still COVIDing: Stories of Separation, Isolation, Disability and Hope," will be continuously updated. It will be shared with organizations focusing on Black social justice issues, BIPOC experiences, marginalized identities, disability, mental health, health and wellness, and artist organizations.

Our Goal

We aim to use these stories as a call to action to make organizations understand that the marginalized and most vulnerable at high risk of becoming disabled or harmed by COVID-19 shouldn't be left behind. Our voices matter and must be included in the fight against ableism, racism, eugenics, and other social justice issues. We must protect our most vulnerable.

We deserve to live and thrive too.

Share Our Slideshow

If you feel inspired, validated, or motivated by these stories to take action, please share our slideshow with organizations, collectives, and grassroots groups to raise awareness about the effects of COVID on the Black community. These groups must take action to ensure their events and programming are disability accessible. Our slideshow will be updated, as needed, with new statistics, resources, and more to encourage change.

""Normal" has never been a value or an ideal that has served us."
I typically only move in Queer & Trans+ spaces- because those spaces are often more progressive and provide safe(r), more accessible experiences for me as a multiply-marginalized person. But the Queer/Trans+ community's response to the pandemic has been just as lackluster as mainstream experiences. For such a creative, historically marginalized community, I'm surprised that folks were NOT willing to change their health behaviors in light of this new reality. I'm surprised that Queer/Trans+ people are so vocally on the "Get Back to Normal" bus when "Normal" has never been a value or an ideal that has served us. …..I feel isolated by the lack of COVID accessibility in Queer/Trans+ events. To live in the Bay Area- an area known for its tech advances and its Queer/Trans+ communities and all we have come up with to connect in the new reality, is weekly Zoom calls feels frustrating and low-key insulting....
Excerpt from V.J's Story - Oakland, CA

Masks Can Be  Fashionable!

brown watercolor painting with watercolor paintings of flowers, berries ad leaves all over

Video: Keep Masks in Healthcare

A Compilation of Stories by Black & Still Coviding Member Mya @myagical

"Curls and Curves"a digital painting. Three voluptuous Black women with thick natural hair.


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