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What is ClarityIsJustSoHip! ?

ClarityIsJustSoHip! is an inspirational/motivational project made by Black female artist Claire Jones. It was designed to aid self-healing after a serious health diagnosis. Now in recovery, ClarityIsJustSoHip! allows her to share a little bit of the light she has in her life after much introspection and self-analysis. She hopes to inspire and motivate those who need a daily boost of positivity through her words and unique digital paintings made from manipulating and editing her iPhone photography through various iPhone apps. Claire calls these paintings “Sun Angels” because they're images inspired by the New Hampshire sun resulting from a spiritual healing experience she had during the early days of her health crisis.

View her virtual gallery below:

**Stay Safe And Protected In Your Light**

Portfolio Coming Soon
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"Curls and Curves"a digital painting. Three voluptuous Black women with thick natural hair.


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